Comfortable in a 70 year old passenger car, behind a 90 year old steam locomotive is an experience not to be missed. It’s history, but with all the comforts of this century. It’s amazing scenery and trips to places reached only by rail. If the window view becomes tiring, sit back and let the clickety-clack of the rails take you to another place and time. Or a short nap.

Boarding a steam train on a tourist line is a wonderful experience. These trains are run just for you, the tourist. Families are welcome and amenities are available. A steam train can be a day trip or the highlight of a week-long vacation. It’s fun for all ages.

The toughest part of a steam train trip may be…picking the trip! You’ve come to the right place for steam train trip information. We’ll put some great trips in front of you and if any strike your fancy, we include contact information so you can get the latest schedules and ticket information.

Take a look at the navigation menu above and TOOT, TOOT! Have fun!